Our Vision

The automation and transformation of our societies brings new challenges to human beings and challenges their skills, competencies and abilities.
Unbiased assessment plants the seed of self-awareness. Self-awareness leads to continuous self-improvement. Self-improvement enables human beings to affirm themselves and therefore to growth.
We believe that our societies will benefit from well aware and self-confident human beings.
At Institution for a Global Society, we commit to provide education institutions and businesses with innovative, seamless and bias-less assessment solutions to fulfil their endeavours, leading the way to the future of assessment and education with the latest technologies.


  • GROW360

    GROW360 is an AI enabled assessment solution that scientifically measures the competency and the traits of the official/prospective organisation's employees. GROW360 provides optimal Organization Development and Predictive Recruitment solutions, for Large Corporations, Public Institutions and International Organisations. GROW360 is also utilized in the scenes of training/promotion/optimisation of employees in an organization.

  • AiGROW

    Ai GROW is an assessment tool for educational institutions to quantify the ability, qualities of the students, and the effect of education. Along with the assessment of the class and for career education, it can also be used to design a better curriculum.

  • GROWAcademy

    GROW Academy is a next-generation video content that achieves competency-based education. By deepening the thoughts of the students and collecting/using the data accurately, we provide a framework to enrich the presentations of the students.

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