Information Security Policy

Institution for a Global Society Corporation ("IGS")
Information Security Policy

It’s been a while since IGS introduced a business environment that uses Information Technology, which has potential as a tool to support management by increasing productivity. As a result, it has become very common to deal with all the information on the computer. Since we expand our business using the internet, it is indispensable to ensure sufficient security. All the security incidents we constantly hear about are not a fire on the other side of the river, so we must deal with them as the business challenges as soon as possible.

It is not difficult to acknowledge the fact that a security incident can cause a detrimental opportunity loss. To improve customer satisfaction, IGS must create a “secure” brand image as soon as possible.

Therefore, we place the information that runs on the information technology and the information system such as computer and network (hereinafter called “Information Assets”) as the 4th asset. Therefore, we have to value Information Assets and protect/manage them.

We develop Information Security Rules to enforce “Information Security Management” to protect Information Assets.

Information Security Rules is a document that summarizes the management plans to protect our Information Assets from data falsification, destruction, and information leakages, etc. regardless of intentionally or accidentally.

Those who use our Information Assets must acknowledge the importance of information security and abide by the Information Security Rules.

Institution for a Global Society Corporation


Masahiro Fukuhara

Established in December 2018